Feb 17 2009

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Are you going to continue to let panic attacks or severe anxiety stop you from enjoying your life?
There is hope.
Break the cycle, don’t let panic attacks control you!

To this very day I will never forget the first time I had a panic attack. Frankly, I don’t think anyone ever forgets their first time.

This is my story, many of you out there may be suffering from panic attacks or severe anxiety. Whether you’ve been suffering from anxiety or panic attacks for several months or several years, I want you to know there is help. This anxiety treatment can change your life as it did mine.

Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks...Forever

Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks...Forever

It happened a few days after my 27th birthday. I was on my very first date with the girl who would eventually (and surprisingly!) end up being my future wife. Honestly, I’d wanted the night to be perfect, and had even gone through a lot of effort locating this quiet, romantic little Italian restaurant in our area.

The night was going very well, conversation was flowing and I felt comfortable. Just after we ordered our food, it happened. Mind you, I had no idea what a panic attack was back then, and had only heard people talking about it occasionally. I felt my heart start to thump faster than ever before, and my chest tightened up. My heart was really racing and there was a sudden tingling sensation in my toes and fingers. I thought I was having a heart attack.

After that, things became a blur, and as I somehow lurched to my feet I almost fell over from feeling light headed. One thing that I remember clearly is thinking that I had to get out of that place, which I did, and ended up sitting on the curb outside, trembling. I vaguely remember onlookers asking if I was alright.

Fortunately the nearest hospital wasn’t far. My date drove me to the Emergency Room. I could only imagine how terrified she was, but she stayed strong. At the hospital I was asked a lot of questions about my family history, but as far as I knew, no one related to me had ever suffered from anything like this. My blood pressure and pulse rate were through the roof but what the doctor told me next was shocking. I had just suffered a panic attack.

A panic attack? Come on. I’m 6’ 1”, 210 pounds and I’m having a panic attack? I thought panic attacks only happened in women! I apologize, but I did. Was I wrong. I was confused. How could I be fine one minute and losing control the next? The doctor assured me that it was a severe panic attack and not a heart attack.

He gave me a prescription for some anti-anxiety medication, but upon further investigation I found that the medication seemed more harmful than good. As a matter of fact some of the potential side effects of this particular anxiety medication were similar to the symptoms of my panic attack! Tremors, problems with balance, sweating, fast heartbeat and even more disturbing, thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself. That was not the way I wanted to live the rest of my life.

Over the next few years things only got worse, with more and more frequent panic attacks assaulting me. At one point in time, I even ended up visiting a psychologist who supposedly had some success with helping control anxiety attacks, but the end result of that was only a very hefty bill. The few techniques I learned to “control” my panic attacks was not doing the job. I became desperate.

Ironically enough, if I hadn’t been so desperate, I would have never tried the one thing that actually did work. Normally, I consider myself a pretty shrewd buyer and rarely purchase from online sources. But then… I came across this amazing panic attack treatment. I didn’t know if it worked or not, but figured I would try it anyway. After all, what did I have to lose?

Once I got the program, I practically devoured it. It was an approach that was different from everything else, but more than that, it was something that I could relate to.

My initial skepticism slowly vanished when I started doing what was prescribed, and immediately noticed subtle changes. At first, it wasn’t very apparent, and I dismissed these feelings as just being something that I imagined. It took a couple months to really “master” the techniques, which wasn’t difficult to learn but remembering to put it into action took some getting use to. Then, a week went by without me suffering from panic attacks. And then, another week, and another.

It took a while for me to overcome my fear of anxiety rearing its ugly head again. It’s not going to happen overnight, you will have to work at it. When I finally did fully realize that I no longer had to worry about it, I broke down in my girlfriend’s arms and cried. You can’t imagine how great it felt to be free of anxiety and panic attacks.

Today, it has been just over a year and a half since I cured my panic attacks. I have just recently celebrated my first anniversary and my wife and I are expecting our first child (something that she and I never dared to consider while I was still having constant anxiety attacks). I hope that someone, somewhere, can draw some small hope from what I’ve been through, and maybe even use it to help themselves overcome this affliction as I have.

Finally, I can start living my life again.

Finally, I can start living my life again.

I was free, for the first time in years I felt I could do anything. I didn’t have to limit my life anymore. All the things I put on hold, I felt was now possible. I was married to the most loving, caring woman in the world and we are expecting our first child.

Your story may be different from mine, but I know you want to experience the same thing that I did. Relief. Relief from panic attacks and the control it had over my life. I found the power to regain control of my life and so have all the others that have eliminated panic attacks.

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