Feb 23 2009

Anxiety Panic Attacks

Anxiety Panic Attacks – What They are and How to Treat Them

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What is the relationship between anxiety and panic attacks and what you can do to treat them

Unfortunately, many people suffer from anxiety panic attacks each day. Some do not even know that they are actually experiencing an attack, and mistake the symptoms as something else altogether. If you take the time to recognize the various symptoms of these attacks, then you will be able to work toward treating and eliminating panic attacks in the future. Below you will find some helpful information to assist you in recognizing symptoms and gaining ideas on how to cure common attacks.

Get permanent relief from anxiety panic attacks

Get permanent relief from anxiety panic attacks

Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms

Not everyone will experience the same symptoms of this condition, and often the most common symptoms can be mistaken as a simple cold or the flu. If you notice these symptoms recurring on an ongoing basis however, you should look into considering the fact that you might have panic attack issues, and learn how to treat them. Some of the most common anxiety panic attack symptoms include:

  • Nausea – This is perhaps the most commonly seen symptom, and can come on quite suddenly. That is why so many people get ill before going on stage for a performance.
  • Stomach Cramps – These can often come on suddenly as well, and can last for quite some time until you have calmed down.
  • Hot Flushes and Chills – One of the earliest signs of an anxiety attack are hot flashes or chills, and these are experienced by almost all sufferers.
  • Numbness – This is usually experienced in the facial areas, and is a common symptom as well.
  • Fear – Is an obvious symptom of these types of attacks, and is often accompanied by shortness of breath and sweating as well.
  • Skin Color – Your skin will often lose color when you are having an attack.

Treating Anxiety Panic Attacks

There are a variety of different treatment methods that can help you overcome an anxiety attack. This is because different people need different types of methods to overcome their problem. For many, simple activities such as exercise are an incredible help. Exercise can be a good way to relieve stress and emotions that often build up prior to a panic attack. If you are able to take your mind off of the problem at hand, and vent your stress, then you can ward off an attack the majority of the time.

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Meditation is also helpful for most people as well. Meditation methods can be used to learn to control the emotions and symptoms of an attack. By dealing with your triggers in this way, you can work your way through an attack or prevent it from occurring in the first place. It is a good idea to avoid situations that tend to trigger your anxiety attacks as well. If a cold room set you off, then always remember to carry a jacket or sweater with you to chilly places.

When you fully understand the symptoms that come along with an anxiety panic attack, you can take the necessary steps to avoid them in the future. Once you know how to control the symptoms and attacks, you can lead a stress and worry free life once again.

Take the next step. It is possible to live a normal life. Learn how to effectively treat and eliminate anxiety panic attacks for ever.

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