Feb 27 2009

How to Effectively Treat Panic Attacks

Effective Panic Attack Treatment

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There are many ways to treat panic attacks….wouldn’t it be better to totally eliminate them?

Treating Panic Attacks

For persons who suffer from panic attacks, you know that it can occur at anytime and basically anywhere. Some conditions are so severe that it can actually interfere with everyday life. You avoid certain things and activities that you think might cause a panic attack. You know the symptoms all too well, racing heartbeat, chills or tremors, hyperventilation and nausea. Symptoms do differ from person to person, some panic attack sufferers also experience abdominal pain, headaches, tunnel vision and a sense of impending death. It is a fact that panic attacks are not life threatening but the effects are terrifying.

Fortunately there are successful ways to treat panic attacks, which allows many to start living a full life.

Medication for treating panic attacks

Antidepressants are the most common type of medication used in the treatment of panic attacks. Although there are different antidepressants available, SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are usually the medication of choice for this condition. Prozac and Zoloft are some of the commercial names you may have heard before. They usually work effectively on depression symptoms that can accompany anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes, medications like Valium or Xanax are prescribed in the short term as a quick and effective way to get symptoms under control. Then the antidepressants are used as a long term treatment of panic attacks to keep the condition manageable and reduce the amount of attacks you might experience. This medication needs to be continued if the patient wants to continue to see positive results, since it only treats the symptoms and does not “cure” the condition.

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Counseling as a form of treating panic attacks

The most common type of counseling used for treating panic attacks is cognitive behavior therapy. This therapy can be performed by either a psychologist or a psychiatrist and offers patients methods for recognizing and understanding their panic attacks so they are better able to deal with them. Cognitive behavior therapy teaches you how to recognize the triggers for your panic attack so you can possibly prevent them before they begin. It also instructs you in methods of deep breathing and relaxation techniques that will help you control an attack once it starts. This style of counseling is an important part of long term treatment for panic attacks, especially when combined with medication.

A new Technique for treating panic attacks

Treating panic attacks is a must if you want to life a better, more fulfilling life. Even though medication is effective in coping with the symptoms of panic attacks, wouldn’t it be better to eliminate panic attacks for good? As stated earlier, there are successful ways to treat panic attacks. One such success story is the Panic Away system, which has been proven to effectively treat and eliminate the signs and symptoms of panic attacks. Just follow the simple steps and you can be well on your way to living a normal life. It does take time to really put the technique into practice but the results are amazing AND permanent, which is better than being dependent on medication. The cost of the system is a fraction of what you would pay for medication or therapy and one on one coaching is included. Simply click the link below to purchase or learn more about Panic Away.

You deserve a free life, take the next step. Learn more about Panic Away now.

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